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Taco Gringo is a family run franchise which has been celebrating over 40 years of good eats and great fun. With a wonderful blend of Mexican and American popular choices, we have established a unique style that has been appreciated by many people for over 4 decades. We hope you'll visit one of our convenient locations sometime soon.


  • "Taco Gringo is my favorite restaurant. Hands down. Honestly though. Taco Gringo has incredible and inexpensive food.The ice in their sodas is crushed. It Is The Best Ice."
    -Pat B (Michigan)

    Pat B.

    Mount Vernon, IL
  • "This place is a Jacksonville landmark. This is amazing food. The nachos, super sancho, criss cut fries,and chalupa are some of my favorites."
    -Nate (Indiana)


  • "I love Taco Gringo! I go there very often for their nacho grande with sour cream. I don't know what the other reviewers ate that they felt compelled to leave negative comments. I wouldn't say that it's gourmet, but it's fast food and it's delicious. Try the cinnamon chips or the cheesecake chimichangas."
    -Garrett (Illinois)


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Taco Gringo HQ

1851 N Grand Ave East,

Springfield, IL 62702

Phone. 217.525.2950

Fax. 217.525.4858

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