"I love Taco Gringo! I go there very often for their nacho grande with sour cream. Try the cinnamon chips or the cheesecake chimichangas. Do me a favor and try TG at least once!"


"I should have done Taco Gringo"


"Taco Gringo is my favorite restaurant. Hands down. Honestly though. Taco Gringo has incredible and inexpensive food.The ice in their sodas is crushed. It Is The Best Ice."

Pat B.

"As a working professional sometimes ya gotta search around and get that bang for your buck. It also ain't bad when the food turns out to be not only affordable but delicious as well. This is one happy gringo."

George Peter

Literally the only place in Springfield that never messes up my order. Great food, even if I have to poop like, right after I eat it. I liked it better before they painted inside, but it's whatever. One of the employees is a total babe.

12/10, would buy tacos from again.

Frank Cummings

Taco salad deluxe is my favorite! You get a taco salad plus a container with chips & dip, which is tortilla chips with a baby shell full of the sauce of your choice and one with sour cream. I like the mild sauce myself. And I always ask them to go light on the meat. Potato skins with bacon cheese sour cream and mild sauce is another favorite.

Lisa Barker

My favorite. Have been eating Taco Gringo since I can remember. I love the sanchos

Kelly Jean

Always consistent quality 🤗😋. The staff is always courteous and polite.

John Robert Peterman